Jerry Garcia

The “Jerry Sound”

As the modern version of Mu-Tron®, a brand of effects pedals synonymous with the “Jerry Sound”, we attract Deadheads to us like bees to pollen. Many of which are incredible companies who build guitars, amplifiers, speakers and so on, in the pursuit of achieving Jerry’s mythic tone. With these friends and resources at hand, we decided to start a page dedicated to the pursuit of understanding what compromises the “Jerry Sound,” and the best and/or most cost-effective methods of achieving his legendary sound for yourself.



Phred Instruments

Phred Instruments offers a range of guitars based upon famous models played by Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio – the Deadbolt, a tribute to Steven Cripe’s Lighting Bolt guitar; Wolph, a tribute to Doug Irwin’s Wolf guitar; and the Dockstar, a tribute to Trey’s Languedoc guitar.

All of these models come equip with coil-tapped humbuckers, an OBEL system (On Board Effects Loop) and buffered pre-amp. Prices start at $590, with many aspects of the guitar able to be upgraded to your liking.

Phred Instruments is our best bet for the “quality-meets-affordability” method of achieving the “Jerry Sound” in regards to guitar.


Visit Phred Instruments here:


Hard Truckers

Hard Truckers™ is the organization of sound specialists whose varied experience stems from the roots of the San Francisco Bay Area rock scene. They designed and built the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound and toured the United States with semi-trucks packed with their speakers.

“The Hard Truckers embodied the glorious sound and legendary performing history of the Grateful Dead. We are proud to announce a reborn Hard Truckers Company. The new Hard Truckers Company is formed by founding members of the Grateful Dead Crew; Steve Parish and Joe Winslow. The original co-founders are joined by their Organization of Sound Specialists; CEO Glenn Goldstein, Master Woodworker Jon Fiant and a talented crew of woodworkers, engineers, artists and craftsmen.” (From Hard Truckers’s website)

Using new materials of the highest sound quality and new ideas the Hard Truckers are breaking new paths in sound and stage performance. With deep roots in the sound legacy of the Wall of Sound; the Hard Truckers pay tribute, in performance and craftsmanship, to this legendary performing history.

Hard Truckers is our “no-brainer” speaker cabinet choice for achieving the “Jerry Sound.”

Visit Hard Truckers here:



Isn’t it obvious?! Jerry used the Mu-Tron III and Mu-Tron Octave Divider in his infamous “rig” for years, and they were fundamental elements of his much sought-after sound. Founded by Mike Beigel (just as Mu-Tron was) and with products designed by Mike Beigel (just as the Mu-Tron products were), Mu-FX offers “modern vintage analog” versions of Jerry’s classic pedals… without the risk of using 40 year old vintage units!

To best replicate Jerry’s classic Mu-Tron III sound, utilize our Tru-Tron 3X (or our next iteration of the unit, TBD).

Mu-FX Tru-Tron 3X / Mu-Tron III

To best replicate Jerry’s late 1970’s Mu-Tron Octave Divider sound, utilize our Mu-FX Octave Divider (limited amount remaining).

Mu-Tron OD / Mu-FX OD

And if you’re looking for “Alligator Strat” era Jerry tones, utilize our BoosTron 3, which has an updated version of the Alembic Stratoblaster circuit that was installed in Jerry’s guitar.